UFC 264: Poirier vs McGregor 3 Pre-fight Press Conference | MMA Fighting

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 8 Ιούλ 2021
Watch the full pre-fight press conference ahead of and 's trilogy fight in Las Vegas.

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  • Even Connor's trash talk is out of its prime

  • conor "ohmelegger" mcgregor

  • Your wife is your husband 😂😂 🤦

  • He was REALLY coked out in this conference even for him

  • 12:27 me: claps and cheers My head : wtf is he saying

  • Such a disappointment what happened to connor that fight

  • What’s a funny pad?

  • 18:02, there on out conor caught that coca drip🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎

  • Conor was just being him .. at the event he wasn’t trying to be anyone

  • This reminds me of how Mgk tried to diss Eminem and failed miserably. You’re beard is weird… Jolie’s wife Jolie’s wife pretty similar attempt and fail

  • 7:00

  • This would make me feel ashamed to be Irish. What a disgrace to the Irish people this weasel is. No dignity, no honour, no respect.... Karma broke his leg. A small reminder from God himself.

  • Conor can't beat anyone..hes dun.

  • Name that music at starting`please!

  • 8:20 there talking to each other

  • A fan asks: Can we expect check calf kicks tonight? Mcgregor sais: you pay to see that. This guy is out of control. More and more one can see that he can not win anymore with his stupid mental, that ppl is sick and tired of that, that results are far from being good and most likely ( based on bad karma he carriles along) that his fall will be not pleasant for him...

  • Real Life Iron Man

  • What’s the name of the music beat they use when they first walk out ?

    • I am also searching for that in the comments Badass music

  • "jo lee's wife" jo lee's wife - i love when he chants this!

  • Connor McGregor just proved the truth of this saying in Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." Scary thing!

  • But he knew his leg had stress fracture already...and why is thia guy always get the first question 😂😂😂...Mac tryin too hard to be his old self...nice try Mac

  • Anyone know the name of the background instrumental music going on in the first few minutes of the video?

  • Conor got whooped the second time and he’s already looking forward to getting whooped again!! I’m sure next 4th fight too..Conor’s team gonna come up with the same line...Conor is in phenomenal shape!! He’s in the best shape of his life!! Super focused..he’s a beast!! Leading to Conor getting thrashed like a rag doll again for the 4th time..and Conor be like..I was boxing the bleeding head of him!! but me socket popped out!! This is not over..if I have to take this to Twitter...it’s on!! I don’t give a bollocks!! Leaving Dana white with no choice but to break up with ConorMarygor😂

  • oopsies!

  • Stop idolising conor and porier u wickedness ufc fans

  • Conor does not have that same I’m a broke fighter motivation to win. His trash talk is subpar at best. He’s reaching, no pun intended, lol

  • Stop idolising human ufc fighterw you wicked people

  • Dustin won this fight before it ever even started

  • Dustin dissed his trash talk lmao

  • Does any1 feel like conor is exaggerating his accent?

  • What occured in fight #3... it couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.

  • Isnt there a country song... "cooler than flipside of my pillow late at night"?

  • 17:37 You’re welcome.

  • Poirier - quiet confidence, winner. McGregor - ridiculous caricature, loser.

  • all the people booing at Dustin porier don't really know ufc

  • “He’s going out on a stretcher..” I’ll take comments that don’t age well for 1000

  • He insults Khabib he got choked....He kicks Porier during press conference he broke his leg......R.I.P Conor.

  • 7 minutes in 😂😂

  • Well well. One busted leg later.

  • Actually Conor Mcgregor, this is not made up he assaulted a women and put several stitches in the women's forehead and while his wife was pregnant, with the 3rd child. Conor Mcgregor is not a good human being I'm not making this up Karma Dustin took this one. Don't believe im lying its true I believe the women had 11 stitches in her forehead

    • He really put stitches on a women's forehead. Conor Mcgregor is not a good human being Good Job Dustin

    • He was cheating with his wife they took care of it with 1,000,000 pounds I believe

  • You know Connors lost the plot when he starts talking about doing his apprenticeship in construction 🤣🤣🤣

  • 13:50 that pos thought that fighting at 155 was going to make it an easy fight... Conor is a chump. Break a leg champ. Lol

  • Its too bad conors ankle saved him from a further beat down. He got smashed from the start. He lost the only round he has gas for. He will never be a legit contender again.

  • I love McGregor. He's being a showman . He knows he got knocked out, The Boo's on Dustin are obnoxious though. He's a class act. 16:30 sums him up

  • What a stand up guy Dustin is. Connor absolutely sickening

  • Conor sounds like Eric Cartman omg

  • After the fight this conference is 10x better to watch 🤣🤣

  • Wonder if Conor’s kids still watched the fight?

  • Just had the wrong person in his prediction, Conor was the one leaving in a stretcher 😂

  • All these CM fans will bail on him after his lastest defeat. Listening to him talk trash is like watching an old dog poop...it's disgusting and pathetic.

  • Seriously Connor has lost all his credibility in alot of "TRUE" Fans eyes!! His personality is like Rick Flair in fake wrestling!!?? Connor is a beaten man with 0.0% respect!?

  • This press conference will go down in history as the worst of all time, referring to Connor of course, what an absolute disgrace to the UFC & MMA. Karma is a mirror, watch what you put on your opponent cuz it jus might come back on you two fold!

  • Well it's now the day after and McGregor is going to be a wash out. Dustin has been a class act 🙌🏽

  • Never threaten someone when you can’t keep your word ….

  • Bro well that was that

  • 25:16 he predict that dustin will ended up in stretcher lol its totally opposite 😅

  • Bwwwaaahahahaha!! Broke his fkn leg!!! Bye BigRedMouth

  • ....and two days later, the chicken broke a leg.

  • Funny how McGregor broke the same leg he kicked at Dustin here😂😂😂

  • For god sake if someone can tell me the soundtrack name at the start

  • Mystic mac hits karma

  • How is Conner passing drug test?? You no he is a coke head...look at his movement he can't sit still...

  • This did not age well.

  • 17:36 What people came to see 😂😂😂😂

  • 5 o'clock in the morning post fight, "daddy can we watch the fight?" McGregor: naaah

  • 🤣

  • McGregor hasn't been the same since Diaz choked him out. It's been downhill ever since

  • Conor’s comments are the second cringiest thing about this video. Robbie Fox always takes the casual cringe cake.

  • Dustin shut down Conor's stupid ass mouth once again. Trilogy complete...Love it!!

  • This is so sad...Conor makes the UFC look like a Jerry springer set..has his goons holding him back lol. After that loss he should just go away - Khabib took your soul, Dustin took your leg.

  • Rip Conor McGregor legends time is finished.

  • It’s so funny listening to him talk like this after that last epic beat down

  • The child will lose leaving his gloves in the Octagon.

  • I'm from Dublin like mcgregor and I hope Dustin knocks him out cold

  • poor Irishman. a master of no trade. win or lose, he's lost to himself. look what money and fame has done. the story of the man who trained hard, the faithful wife by his side, and look what true colors came out of it all.

  • Connor is all done He's washed up

  • 13:30 Dustin needs to stop with the being humble and easy going nice guy stuff and stop letting McGregor walk all over him in the press conferences. I'm not suggesting fall into a hole or trap, but rather he needs to make himself heard and presence felt.

    • No he doesn’t. Sometimes you gotta let dudes talk and let them embarrass themselves

  • 110 lbs lol ladies

  • Not Mcgregor fast Mcgregor sleep best line 😂😂

  • Douche chills conor

  • Awful

  • Love you Poririer, "Cause he got knocked the f+×k out. Not Mcgregor Fast, Mcgregor Sleep." 😂😂😂💀💀💀 Conor is a shell of his former self, he wasted himself on his ego...What a disappointment he has become...

  • I hope conor believes himself.

  • Conor rd 2

  • Connor is under the masvidal curse Just like ocho cinco lost the bet also this guy whos betting on Connor

  • I hope dustin knocks him out

  • Poirier is a class act.

  • Is that dustins hot sauce dana is putting on podium ?i cant see it well but i think it is i looked it up and its 15 bucks a bottle.Ill try it but that seems expansive for a hot sauce.guess we will see.cant judge unless ya try it.

  • What a act 😂 lmfao you know connor is texting dustin after being like sorry mate for the insults you know it's all business let's make that money

    • @Abby To The Wall. lol what was that?

    • Its fake. Conor is trashing the presser on purpose because it doesnt matter to him. He wants to destroy dustin.

  • I was all Conor his entire career until this and now I don't care either way and won't watch the fight until it's free. It would be fun to see either one of them tap but if I were Dustin I would break his arm, but I'm not so I won't 🤣

  • This was hard to watch. Wasn't feeling the fake trash talk. After endorsing his hot sauce then say it's trash was weak and a bit move. Lost his edge

  • Embarrassing watching McGregor these days. Shame

  • The gig is up. McGregor is straight up trash

  • Love that guy who flushed Conor out

  • I’m deadddd 18:00 the guy violated Conor 🤣🤣🤣

  • When a fighter has to trash the other fighter it's usually based on lack of confidence, or fear of losing again. Dustin in 3. Weak it is Dustin.

  • Was it just me who saw how he skipped steps

  • mcgregors trash talking became old and out dated Like himself

  • Idgi this is what everyone wanted? Why are people so picky lol.. they wish for stuff they don’t want then they get it and they love it or they wish for something they get it but hate it. Just enjoy da fight

  • I want to see Conor win in emphatic fashion and retire. What a way to cap off an insane career.