Stephen A. interviews Conor McGregor on expectations for the Dustin Poirier trilogy fight | ESPN MMA

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Stephen A. interviews Conor McGregor on expectations for the Dustin Poirier trilogy fight | ESPN MMA
Conor McGregor sits down with Stephen A. Smith for an interview ahead of his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 and discusses his passion for fighting, how he plans to do things differently this time around, his future in the UFC and weighs in on how he was training to fight Manny Pacquiao.

0:00 Why are you here for this fight considering all you have accomplished?
1:15 Why do people think you aren’t as dangerous as you were before?
2:15 I’m going to prove how dangerous I am - Conor McGregor
4:15 Conor McGregor: Nothing will be given free this time!
4:20 McGregor said he had plans to fight Manny Pacquiao.
7:50 This fight is going to be a butchering - McGregor
9:50 What happens if you don’t win against Poirier?
10:30 McGregor on his future in the UFC.
11:50 McGregor says he is not a celebrity.
12:15 Who McGregor wants to fight next.
16:10 McGregor looks back on his loss to Nate Diaz.
17:30 McGregor: I feel I’ve been doubted as a fighter.

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  • Stephen A. Smith has some competition for best dressed with Conor McGregor in town 👔

    • @Drop Kick Murphy00 THANK YOU. BT Sport actually knows what they are doing and provide great unbiased coverage and talk about the real storylines and implications of the fight. not the drama, and tweets and what not. sportscenter needs to go blow tim tebow and trevor lawrence because once lawrence throws him a td pass (which will happen, mark my words) ESPN SPORTSCENTER will be playing non stop for 36 days.

    • @Dean Ortiz he has to say it twice. once to conor directly, you can see it on ufc embedded and then he HAD to say it on camera, guy is all about himself

    • the guy is such a clown, because if you watch the UFC EMBEDDED THAT DOCUMENTS THE LEAD UP TO THE POIRER VS MCGREGOR 3rd fight, he told that to conor one on one, then ABSOLUTELY NEEDED TO SAY IT ON CAMERA, lol wow

    • Regardless of the records, the history of MMA is divided into "Before McGregor and After McGregor".

    • Herb Dean gets paid extra to cheat for Conor check his tax returns

  • Warriors who Tap 😅

  • Conor is the American Dream... God Bless America

  • :/

  • Although 2 months later, the reason i just cannot be a fan of Conor is how he doesn't admit his flaws. Like i'm getting sympathetic over just seeing him cover up his losses as "being the better guy" and "feeling bad".. Bro you're legs got beaten.. Khabib DESTROYED you.. And unless it ends in a "Conor Mcgregor knockout" then i don't loose. My man better learns quickly he either needs to be humble and grow with a different way or expect to be the washed up fighter not willing to be more human while all these "sad looking" fighters become champions 💯

  • 12:45 for khabib chat and this b**** getting menstrual

  • It needs almost the whole interview to get Conor saying it is not all that good and he has to change now

  • This was a good interview, y’all just hating on him cause he’s black at this point.

  • 12:10

  • Why idiots like steve ask mcgregor why are they here after all accomplished?, what has he done to say all accomplished, a fluke win over aldo who never got a rematch which is most disappointing thing for him, everyone knows prime aldo could do to anyone in 5 rounds let alone mcgregor, kudos to him for forcing him to make that mistake which he capitalised, a great win over eddie whos far from the best fighters there is, lost to a skinny fat nate, decision win in the second fight which he taunts every fighter that decision wins don’t count, got mauled by Khabib despite the hype that everyone believed he’d win even when khabib was undefeated, faced an improved fighter in poirier got ko’ed, expressed a fake hatred towards him after the loss, win over a washed cowboy, loss to flloyd, i mean what has he done except wins over nobodies and weak opponents.?

  • first sleepy mcnuggs now broken mcnuggs. still my number one

  • This aged well...

  • You can't be perfect all the time, but I'll be waiting and watching for that next perfect left hand shot always, love you connor keep your head up heal up and come back

  • He was too defensive at this time i feel

  • good on ya mate... break a leg 😉

  • goat? LMAO yo grab the stray jacket for our boy

  • If he's so sure why doesn't he bet his whole money he has on the fight

  • When Conor speaks, we all stfu and listen. It is what it is.

  • People ask you that because you wasted good few years of your prime slinging cheapshite whiskey and getting head knocked off by a boxer but nah “I love dah fight game” aye ya do rightly

  • Out on a stretcher? Wow dar you go!

  • I love Conor

  • Who was responsible for the audio? Conors mic is trash

  • Go conner over jake paul any day

  • He's lost the hunger

  • "I love tha trill of it Stephen"

  • 9:55

    • I brake people’s faces for money and BOUNCE

  • 10:12

  • Conor made money money didnt make conor remeber conor.

  • How did that go 🤣🤣🤣

  • Conor is special a knock out artist the only reason he is loseing continuesly is ring rust

  • Love him or hate him connors the real goat he brought the sport on his back and brought more watchers to the sport

  • Brilliant interview, absolutely demolished him, take a bow Stephen A...

  • And later his leg Cracked

  • I respect him

  • trash talks much, love himself

  • What kind of chair is that for an interview ?

  • He’s such a baby!

  • Conor said he was Scottish lol

  • 9:45

  • 8:50

  • deluded

  • 12:55 just imagine how hot conor's ears when he heard someone at the back yelling "he is undefeated!"

  • He's not highest paid for professional, most of his earnings are out of ufc. Top kek

  • They go for my leg, because they're afraid of me? Seriously did you expect them to hand their chin to your left hooks?

  • The way Conor reacts when he hears Khabibs name just shows how much Khabib hurt him. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally. Jesus. That was almost hard to watch him react like that. (12:45)

  • 12:30 most important part of the video. Now I'm just waiting for this.

  • Rent free

  • This guy is dellusional 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Conor is like that loud friend who you got tired of and eventually stopped being invited to the BBQ

  • Stephen a talking straight 💯


  • Conor "Duck Gregor"

  • 12:54 the guy in the background, "He is undefeated" 🤣🤣🤣

  • 3:45

  • 0:55

  • Conor cannot back his words! He is running a losing record now! He is in MMA and thinks his insults will keep the opponent on his feet to fight him, but why should they? Dustin Poirier straight up knocked him out! Conor got smoked and unfortunately Dustin will never lose to Conor!

  • Conor is in denial

  • When he fought khabib, I've never seen a more one sided fight in my life. He's finished

    • Pure Domination.

  • Conor way to optimistic about himself

  • Support Racism: watch Stephen A Smith videos and ESPN/Disney. (Yeah, I didn’t watch the video and I’m asian)

  • I feel like Floyd Mayweather knocked some screws loose in his head. Then Khabib finished the job. Now he's the easiest big money fight for anyone in the division.

  • When Conor says ‘Khabib did nothing in the sport’, that’s technically a bigger insult to Conor…considering Khabib almost murdered him in the octagon

    • @Kobzx uhm that’s why they have weight classes? I don’t see what point you’re trying to make besides trying to discredit people for fighting people their own size in competition…this isn’t street fighting with a couple drunks at the bar…it’s prize fighting with rules and regulations.

    • @Kobzx the lightweight division is the hardest division to be in. It's the most exciting. They are looked at as God's because they accomplished more than anyone in any other division.

    • @Kobzx yeah they are lightweights.

    • People look at khabib and Connor as some sort of gods but they are small dudes... bigger guys would kill them

  • *Conor* - I'm no longer the hungry lion I once was, but the fat cat pulling the strings. And that is why you have been losing fights. The man who looks up the mountain will always fight harder than the person looking down.

  • Update: he got punched out and he broke his leg and then he cried in the shower.😫😆

  • “I break people’s faces for money and bounce…” forgets his has lost his last 3 fights and had to beat Diaz on points. The man is done. He needs to sell whiskey and move on.

    • @Bryan Strydom I don't care who hates him. That's irrelevant to how he is as a fighter. I'm not a Conor fanboy. You will never see mee congratulate him other than me saying he's a good fighter...because he is. Only an idiot would think otherwise. His striking is still top tier. Other fighters would love to have his striking ability. Just stop talking casual.

    • @squidderuds1 even the Irish hate him. Jog on Connor fan boy. He is done. Over. You could see the mental melt down when asked about Khabib. The clown had PTSD.

    • @Bryan Strydom You're just showing how dumb you are to think he's "done". He's still an elite fighter.

    • @squidderuds1 he beat Cerrone. He has lost twice to Poirier and got mauled by Khabib. Mayweather toyed with him before ending the fight with ease. The man is done. Accept it. He is a shadow of the 2016 version.

    • He hasn't lost his last 3 fights.

  • Feel no pressure at all. That’s why you on your place rn. Keep the good work 😅

  • 9:40 murder shots

  • 8:14

  • 14:30

  • 12:35

  • When he said he was the fat cat, it was over

  • Objectively, Conor is falling off.

  • .

  • This is a sad interview. He’s still trying to be relevant. This guy cannot accept that the sport has moved on without him.

  • This guy did not win against Nate Dias part 2

  • Every prediction he predicted Dustin did on him lol 😂

  • Delusional cartoon 😂

  • 8:17

  • Khabib lives in his head rent free.

  • Man Conor is no different than a Qanon followers.

  • Dismissing submissions and decisions as a valid results is sad to see from conor. A man who once preached learning instead of merely losing has rejected his own philosophy in an attempt to manipulate perspective. It's tragic.

  • I hope nobody questions the origin of such irony as him leaving on a stretcher

  • That man is a fool, most of his own people have no respect for him. Well he's apparently claiming Scottish now, well, we no longer claim him. Scotland you can gladly have him.

  • It was really not pretty what happened to his leg😂

  • Conor is honestly pretty trash now ….

  • Props to mcgregor ! He stopped Dustin with his face and put away Khabib with that neck crank he let him do or else he would have KO’d him!

  • He has lost it, still one of the best but the game evolve and AS beeing his own head coach with a lot of yes men ..take a couple of big fights with big names, forget the top...

  • This is hilarious, but also kinda sad

  • Stephen A gets too much flack tbh. He talks sense. It's just... his demeanor I think which causes it.

  • Conor should become a politician

  • Out on a stretcher. Remember those last words 😂😂😂😂

  • That leg is resting funny. Already severely compromised

  • Conor,Ronda,brock lesnar and khabib (after he became famous) brought many people to the sport made the business bigger......8:54

  • His leg looked real nice before it got broken

  • “I’m a fat cat that’s hungry” lol

    • @Mohamed Bulhan what are u called when u don’t want money and don’t need it.?.

    • And you

  • As much as I love Connor, he's lost it in numerous facets.

  • Here after he lost to Poirier ar UFC 264 🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a cokehead serial loser.

  • Fights=alcohol sales

  • This guy is at the lowest point of his life and he has resorted to acting like a 12 year old girl as a defence mechanism. 😂 Feel sorry for this bigoted fool.

  • That all iI know,all we know part gave me goosebumps