Roger Reaves: Smuggling Drugs for Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel | Lex Fridman Podcast

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 11 Ιούλ 2021
Roger Reaves is one of the most prolific drug smugglers in history. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors:
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0:00 - Introduction
3:49 - Money
6:10 - Pablo Escobar
13:22 - Jorge Ochoa
20:58 - First time
25:44 - Landing an airplane on the highway
28:34 - Barry Seal
38:58 - Mena, Arkansas
43:50 - Assassination of Barry Seal
57:03 - American Made
1:01:14 - Blow
1:03:21 - Story of torture in a Mexican prison
1:08:01 - Getting shot down
1:21:44 - Prison
1:35:26 - Reflections on a life of crime
1:40:44 - Advice for young people
1:43:42 - Love
1:57:02 - Death
1:59:48 - Meaning of life
2:03:51 - Poem

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  • Here are the timestamps. Please check out our sponsors to support this podcast. 0:00 - Introduction & sponsor mentions: - Noom: - Allform: to get 20% off - ExpressVPN: and use code LexPod to get 3 months free - Four Sigmatic: and use code LexPod to get up to 60% off - Eight Sleep: and use code LEX to get special savings 3:49 - Money 6:10 - Pablo Escobar 13:22 - Jorge Ochoa 20:58 - First time 25:44 - Landing an airplane on the highway 28:34 - Barry Seal 38:58 - Mena, Arkansas 43:50 - Assassination of Barry Seal 57:03 - American Made 1:01:14 - Blow 1:03:21 - Story of torture in a Mexican prison 1:08:01 - Getting shot down 1:21:44 - Prison 1:35:26 - Reflections on a life of crime 1:40:44 - Advice for young people 1:43:42 - Love 1:57:02 - Death 1:59:48 - Meaning of life 2:03:51 - Poem

    • This is the most enjoyable podcast LEX ! 💯

    • @WaterspoutsOfTheDeep what about our scumbag government officials that has a major hand n destroying folks lives??

    • @Lex Fridman 5:24 you asked a question and camera is on you. We do not care about you asking the question. We care on how he will answer it...

    • I 🇸🇾🇹🇭

    • He said Barry seal was George Bush Protege and CIA and you did not ask him a single question about that afterwards I consider that a major fail

  • Great interview I’m glad I found your channel! This man was very clear of mind and although he spent much of his life in prison, he was just like having a chat with an everyday grandpa!

  • This is probably the best interview that I have ever listened to...and I have listened to a lot of them. This is absolutely fascinating. This dude is legendary.

  • Amazing stories hopefully Maurie surgery went well lovely woman

  • Herr Reaves, warum ist dein Buch so teuer? Tolle sprach’!

  • And I always made sure they safely safe.. one white wiman nonrape .. my grandpa said

  • Much money.. too many problems

  • Reminds me of Reed's brother from Snowfall

  • Lex's epic introductions

  • True HERO...😎👍

  • I was born 81 I only hold the stories from rappers 👍😎😂

  • man doesnt lex look concerned like he exposin too much lol.

  • Oo

  • Brother... GOD BLESS YOU. Sending love and blessings. STAY FREE AND FULL OF LOVE!!!

  • Great interview.

  • Now THATS a fucking podcast! Great job Lex!

  • This was great.

  • They being the people who RUN things are the outlaws. They break more laws in a day than most regular people will break in a lifetime yet because of the “positions “ they hold they don’t even hide it anymore... it’s a lot like bizarro world Right is wrong up Is down normal is questioned as abnormal whisky tango fox?

  • The poem made me weep like a baby.

  • Lex you are the man. I love your intros bro

  • He needs to lead his interview better. He’s missing great stories from this brother

  • Hi Lex, I truly appreciate your work and your multiple interest shown in the interviews I have seen or heard on your podcast. This one in particular, I find you got a bit mislead. Your guest might have been important part of the times of Pablo E. and the Ochoa brothers, Medellín Cartel, etc. But believe he just got one part of the story. He never lived in Colombia for longer periods of time, or experienced the true violence lived during those years. He got to see the “nice” part of those actors who were hiring him to fly the merchandise. Of course he was treated like a king, but not because they were nice gentleman, but because of a business-oriented transaction. He could not attest to how the Colombian story was in those years, like you could from Chernobyl. He is not Colombian and far from that reality. I’m not saying he cannot talk for himself and what happened in the air or back and forth from and to the US, but he puts this in such a “nice” context, it is almost insulting for those who truly suffered from the people he almost venerates with his positive comments.

  • Lol one of the most dangerous fall guys In the world. I mean has anyone conceived of our current governments, now compare them to these guys and you have another honorific reality.

  • When government are as I could conceive, a man like this is a poor sod indeed.

  • Not all criminals are monsters quite a lot are like this fella just a gentleman who flew planes loaded with drugs. he knows now how bad the drugs were but listening to him i doubt he ever saw the the end user or even knew how bad they were and lets be honest here in those days cocaine was a party drug and the rich and famous used it most people did not think it was bad but someone introduced crack to the projects and the rest is history.

  • This guy is like cocaine bob ross

  • Did she make it through the surgery!?

  • One of the best podcasts interviews I've seen. What a story, what a beautiful man. Great job, Lex.

  • In my opinion the medical industry is the cause of most drugged up people. The prescriptions for pain medicine is a hell of a lot of the cause of their pain

  • That was a great interview.

  • He shipped tons of coke but like to mention the weed more. I read his book.. A good chunk of his book is about his childhood, farming and moonshining. I had trouble believing at least half Then there are some odd repetitions. He seems to have bought a cheap car with no reverse twice. He saved kids trapped under an overturned vehicle twice. He was randomly walking along the road and saw horrible accidents right next to him twice. He was tortured by Federales twice. He chased angry smuggling partners out of his house at gunpoint twice. As the book goes on it seems to get more disjointed. He forgets to pay his suppliers and takes off with the money and the pot, leaving his sister hostage. He never explains what happens to her or if he ever paid. He hides out in Mexico from the law and then with no explanation returns to the USA like nothing happened. All kinds of schemes are started and then never mentioned again. Written like a teenager's diary. Jumping from one scenario to a completely different one within two consecutive paragraphs. Another thing is the author early in the book apparently kills two Federales for the crime of trying to stop his smuggling by shooting at him. This is not a cuddly never hurt a fly hippie. He has a whining tone talking about how coke really never hurt anyone, the Clintons and Bushes are all in on it, the cops do coke, the judges do coke, why am I in jail, the Medellin cartel wasn't so bad, etc.. etc.. He seems to get robbed a lot. He was endlessly getting ripped off or having drug deals go bad. He takes a boat about 3/4s of the way around the entire world to smuggle coke to Australia and the plan at the end was maybe sketched out on a napkin in 5 seconds. No matter - if it succeeded he somehow wouldn't get paid anyway. If he would have stuck with his original plan investing in California real estate he would have retired a legal millionaire. My biggest problem, however, was his continued insistence that there was nothing wrong with his actions, that the cartels weren’t “that bad”, and that the outcome of his life is everyone’s fault but his own. He bemoans being separated from his wife, and blames everyone from Bill Clinton to the local authorities in Australia- but never once himself.

    • Yup, i agree,....he's a narcissistic lying sociopath.

  • Reaves mentions a few books I wanted to look up and forgot to note down.. The Monroe Out of body journeys I got, anyone remember the other ones?

  • Beautiful people.

  • Did this interviewer ask "Who's Oliver North?" Jesus fucking Christ!

  • Mena Arkansas... I lost allot of respect for both of these men when they began the Barry Seals segment; Bill Clinton and his wife and Bill's little brother had ... Jesus Christ ... Two teenage kids were murdered on some train tracks because they saw Barry flying into Mena Airport. There's a woman still in prison for selling some cocaine in that circle. There are several documentaries here in GEup - type in Mena and the Clinton's. Edit; okay, respect renewed, I digress. The Clinton's are dirty as fuck.

  • Subbed. I've seen this channel before.

  • I kept trying to stop listening to this only to be pulled in by his next words. Idk, I think I’d do it again if I were him. All the adventure? I’d gladly take 30 years off my life to experience all of these things, good bad or ugly. Small price to pay for something like this.

  • He’s the Bob Ross of drug runners

  • committing a crime and then talking about it... isn't this a crime also?

  • No man. The REAL war on drugs made 100 000 000 victims.

  • "...nine hundred foot strip..." The average PGA golfer drives the ball six hundred feet.

  • you put me to sleep bro....

  • Made me cry in the end.

  • He’s a good man. He has good morals. Not every drug dealer are bad people. Easy money. The American Dream!

  • He is a funny old man and he had a tough life. Too bad he couldn't stay away from drugs and smuggling.

  • I feel like Lex fell asleep half way through. Dressing up like Rod Serling dose not make you legit.

  • I have tried to tell my stories to my countless nieces and nephews. They simply can't believe me. This guy is legit!

  • Lex, this is the best podcast I ever listened to, well done.

  • This movie must be made. Holy Shit! Pallpion II.

  • This podcast is the antidote to Sam Harris.

  • He’s more honest than most people I know !!! I’d be PROUD to know him !

  • Yea, help make a criminal a celeb.

  • I have read Roger Reaves book and listened to this podcast and like most criminals he only tells you what he wants you to hear and believe. He says he is non violence and yet in his book in his own words are numerous stories of him assaulting people, shooting at Police in foreign countries where he was committing criminal offences. He punches an immigration Officer in the face, belts another federal officer in the face with a rock and on and on. His book is a painfully slow read, the early chapters are like forrest gump with down syndrome telling you stories. This person is not somebody to be praised or entirely believed. I am surprised he wasn't vetted properly by Lex and his team and facts cross checked.

  • This guy is the best storyteller, amazing!

  • Roger... Hello....that virus is a big fat LIE. Pure bullshit... This agenda system originates in the Trillionaires psychopathic mind

  • Very good interview with some very nice and interesting people. Love it.

  • Very well interviewed lex. Brilliant podcast, great questions

  • RR the roger reaves story ,, ricky ross' story was also good . amazing to hear these people 😐 rr

  • Roger and Barry was my heros ..alot of enjoyment listening to him

  • I just don’t get why lex is popular.

  • Lex is still a bit of a kid,

  • if it wasn't for Roger being interesting I wouldn't be able to listen to this slow interviewer he doesn't pick up on context clues and make Roger have to bounce around for him to understand and he is too robotic...

  • Wow what a legend and a great man and woman!

  • Wonderful. That poem at the end is beautiful. I really need to adopt his positive outlook. His situations never defined him. Whatever is within was more powerful

  • Oh daddy only 12000 thousand dead u meant no harm daddy is a million dead oh daddy

  • How many people die from drugs? You did not mention that in the beginning. How many people future’s have been robbed by drugs? This is the balance of claiming hardship of the “war on drugs”.

  • Roger Reaves has the most amazing light emanating from him and his wife is the same, they were God's plan and you dear Lex, are one of the most unique, interesting and exceptional interviewers I've ever listened to. This was such a delightful interview.

  • Well done 🤟🏼

  • lost some respect for lex with this interview , from his attempt to deflect the talk of clinton corruption to his constant need to ask how can you be a good man in a bad business , life is not black and white its not computer programming there are shades of grey , i think the need to speak like this on lex's part is an attempt to not condone the actions of the guy he is interviewing and i get that but it comes across badly as if the substance of the interview is not as important as the perception that ppl have of lex for interviewing this individual and giving him a platform . in my opinion the interview is of paramount importance the info in it is of paramount importance ppl can make up their own mind later after hearing it about the content of this mans character and decide if he is good or bad or somewhere in the middle , Lex cheapens this interview by trying to add a subliminal disclaimer to it ... obiviously this is JMO i like Lex and i know he does not need to give two shits about my opinion but thats what comment sections are for

  • This Man is a legend! So much wisdom.

  • CIA is full of good ppl like 9/11 being an inside job.

  • Rodger is a champion 🏆 and a survivor 👍

  • To bad the truth always comes out TOO bloody LATE usual 🙄

  • How TF has Lex fridman got a podcast? what a boring, monotonous voice


  • Best love story ever! ❤️

  • Also how tf did so many people dislike this? Must just be miserable and hate their lives

  • This episode is the standard. Any other is playing for 2nd place

  • This man is nothing short of a national treasure. wish you all the best Mr.Reaves

  • Shout out to Mari they don't make women like her anymore

  • Just seen this video waw brilliant wot a guy a criminal gentleman that's had more adventures before he went to prison than most of us have had hot dinners... Exelent interview top guy

  • The best documentary// interview I have ever seen…well done

  • I can't imagine jesus here jwalking let alone smuggling bricks lol

  • Oh my gosh I haven't laughed so hard in a while! He is such a good storyteller, had me feeling like I was there. He definitely needs a show done right. One where he can be involved with the process, so its done right.

  • how can you be this stupid and still be alive? if he had lost that load his family would be dead. escobar was not honest and had no honor.

  • Great interview Lex.

  • I run a business never trust a complainer. I run more customers off my lot then I sell. When he said he would belly ache about not getting 1 million dollars in 2 weeks I knew he was dirty. He was dirty from the start. Not all profit is good profit . Choose your customers as much As you can afford too

  • How many felony years of incarceration is this many responsible for? How many police deaths? Ruined family's but he can't keep the smile off his face? When this man is granted true discernment his smile will not be so bright

  • Why do you gloss over the Clinton part

  • This is one incredible episode. Roger is definitely an anomaly in the world of drug running and the like. Even while recalling some of the bad times in his career he continuously has a huge smile on his face. Definitely a great interview. Great job Lex!!

  • It’s amazing all these witnesses tell these true stories/ testify, have proof, yet they chose to worry about trumps taxes and not 4 ex presidents, the cia, and military selling drugs to our people and killing them in drug epidemics and putting other people in jail for life and let the higher ups get rich and walk free…. And that’s what’s wrong with our country, money can buy you immunity

  • Think about This……. Listen to all the information this guy tells that he knows ……now think about all the things he knows that he isn’t allowed to say because he’d be killled . This dude probably knows a lot of dirty secrets the people of our country are not ready for

  • God bless this man he truly speaks from the heart... here's a real Hustler !!

  • They need to make a damn movie about young governor Clinton flying around the world with Epstein and Bill Gates, chilling with kilos and Barry played by Tom Cruise again!

  • My nephew died from drug use. Those drugs for to him by asshole like this murderer who loved the money. Now you give him a stage he wants. I guess that makes you complicit in his and all others deaths. Screw this channel. Never coming back.

  • That was simply amazing

  • incredible.

  • Did this guy just compare a Cocaine smuggler to a Tabacco farmer?

  • West Virginia smuggle also. Justice for Christopher Lee Ratliff needs truth and light

  • Lex fridman the only man to take Joe rogans advice seriously. Everyone else he told to do a podcast heard him, but never listened. That's why they failed and lex has a library of amazing, intelligent, terrifying and heart warming conversations.