POIRIER vs McGREGOR 3 | Press Conference Reaction

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 9 Ιούλ 2021
Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier come face-to-face again in the UFC 264 press conference and True Geordie gives his reaction.

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  • This big twit still thinking Stephen a Smith was wrong about Conor? 😂 I'd love to hear him and all those hype trainers like him admit and apologize to Stephen Smith but obviously they aren't capable of seeing reality 😂 now they all hate on Conor because he's just lost twice and they got their little hopes and feefees hurt 😂 y'all got sold some real wolf tickets right there. Bunch of Jake Paul fan boys now

  • 13:50 well this didn’t age well…

  • Mcgregor should of kept his job in plumbing as he’s good with taps

  • Conor is a spoilt boy pushy mouthy n a cry baby millionaire

  • Dustin's woman dresses with too much Bunny Girl stuff hanging out ..... she's inviting attention n caused a fight recently

  • damn geordie predicted this fight before it happens "conner doesnt have a leg to stand on" at 13:50 lmaooo

  • Great video don't worry about the haters it's interesting to hear a true Connor fan being as honest and humble as u. Your right Dustin is a lot better fighter and that's that.

  • True Geordie looks like Zangief from Streetfighter.

  • 1:35 had me crying haha

  • "try it now" "ok, hold my beer" - Dustin

  • 13:50 Conner "hasnt got a leg to stand on"" He predicted it woa !!!

  • “Because he got knocked the fuck out”

  • Ur a fanboy

  • I’m writing from VT. You were great on BT sports!

  • Great content lad 👍😎

  • "McGregor doesn't have a leg to stand on" perfect irony in the foreshadowing

  • Dustin - "cause he got knocked the fuck out" Connor - " ............

  • Conor beats Cowboy jabrony and he thinks he's the $hit

  • Hey Dan dare why did you turn the comments off for the Conor McGregor podcast you big dummy

  • Please can you tell Brenda Shloob how to pronounce your name GORDY

  • McStretcher Sleep

  • love this.. because youre being honest... good job

  • Can't believe i gave you a like 👍 😂... Not for this video but the after the match video that you turned off the comment section. Hated you since the Khabib-Conor Fight, but i think you grow since that. Finally a non delusional conor's fan 🙏

  • This aged well

  • Your review and analysis is the epitome of balanced, fair and informed by great judgement and insight into the fighters mind. Now that the fight has had the outcome it had - the haters have to eat their words! Great job mate!

  • Still pretending to know about MMA I see …

    • He’s been watching it for years, you don’t have to be a fighter to talk about mma you absolute fucking melt

  • He only counts knock outs?🤣 So I guess he doesn't think he lost to Khabib??

  • Your post fight analysis for conor vs poirier 3 were absolute best

  • Dustin saying he's never left the job site...that's a Mic drop right there.

  • Hey bro I never was was big fan of yours, just watched your video you made on conors leg break. Thanks for your honesty. 🙏🏽 I have subscribed to your channel. Keep up the old work bring us good content 👊🏽

  • I feel like he doesn't like Conor no more at least he doesn't view him as highly

  • ever since khabib i doubted mcgregor everything about him says superstar except when he's in the octagon now he doesn't have it anymore but at least for him he capitalised with his whisky company and made a tonne of money maybe should of quit mma after diaz win and mayweather

  • Respect : earned Geordie 👍🏻

  • I'm a fan of Conor's. This was bizarre though ... and after that injury .. he looks done.

  • Did you know he Had a hairline fracture in that leg before the fight happened

    • So what? It was probably from all those kicks he took from dustin in the previous fight scene

  • Stephen A smith make a stupid statements , dustin poirier is a better boxer than connor, slick southpaw and not flat footed , excellent headmovement and reflexes, heavy handed and know how to close distance with doubling the jab ... and lots of good quality level boxing

  • Bro you have an amazing Voice, we can listen your opinions all day long.

  • Conor begging the crowd to start chanting is just as cringey as 2016. Win a fight you bellend

  • Mate. Great analysis on each one.

  • Major respect to you in that last video. Nothing but facts

  • “Conor doesn’t have a leg to stand on” that aged well

  • Conor McStretcher

  • "You look frail" proceeds to break his own leg 😂😂😂😂

  • 13:51 he definitely don't have a leg to stand on now! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bro I'm fuckin dying!🤣 How did u know!?

  • For your honesty, I'm a new subscriber

  • You won me over... you are better than ESPN n ufc n anyone post fight 264

  • mcgreggor should retire


  • Thanks for speaking the truth, refreshing!

  • 13:52 the irony 😂😂😂

  • “Hasn’t got a leg to stand on”- true geordie 2021

  • True Geordie it is sad to see how you can let down Mcgregor more and more. Good bye never gonna come here anymore.

  • 13:49 “conor doesn’t have a leg to stand on” he predicted the fight without us noticing

  • Great review 👍. Makes sense

  • You had the best opinion on BT. Not just shamelessly slobbing on Conor like everyone else. You tossed in a hint of reality.

  • Turned Off Comment On Recent Video Change The Title You Bum! Dustin The Diamond 💎 FsUp MCNugget Aha

  • True Geordie.. I didn't know who you were before the BT sport interview and I just wanted to say what a breathe of fresh air... fk the haters bro... real talk and truth is something most can't handle.. stuck in fantasy land... you've just got yourself a new subscriber and I came here first to see your post fight commentary ... absolutely spot on..

  • Turned the comments on your most recent video? Pussy move.

  • This bald guys turned a straight hater 😂 fake little fan to begin with

  • You make you look bad... Geordie you will have a better life if you just let the mcnuggets out of your mind... believe me and believe in yourself.

  • When Eddie Alvarez said don't talk to me about money shut your fucking mouth when you talk about money you took money from single mothers you were on welfare… You could hear crickets in the background when Eddie Alvarez shot Connor up with that comment.

  • Some favourite top 15 featherweight/lightweight/welterweight fighters are about to get cut because they are losing more fights than they have Won in their past 7 fights with the UFC… Do you think losses matter in the UFC? Who do you think will get cut ? Who do ya think can bounce back on a winning streak ? Who is going to boxing to smash Jake Paul ? Will the UFC keep letting fighters lose at the top level to top athletes like they done to B.J. Penn At the end of his career in his “last” 7 fights ? BJ Penn: 0 win - 7 losses 😳… Conor Mcgregor: 3 wins - 4 losses Nate Diaz: 3 wins - 4 losses Jorge Masvidal: 3 wins - 4 losses Stephen Thompson: 3 wins - 4 losses RDA: 3 wins - 4 losses Kevin Lee: 3 wins - 4 losses Edson Barboza: 3 wins - 4 losses Damian Maia: 3 wins - 4 losses Calvin Kattar: 4 wins - 3 losses Max Holloway: 4 wins - 3 losses Tony Ferguson: 4 wins - 3 losses Dan Hooker: 4 wins - 3 losses Shane Burgos: 4 wins - 3 losses Chan Sung Jung: 4 wins - 3 losses

  • Great last video bruh,don't know why you disabled the comment

  • Uve been hating on mcgregor for a while geordie man ur obviouslly a fan jst for winners and when they loose jump ship

  • Why are comments turned off in your Conor break leg video?

  • Mcgregor will continue on being the money draw, but the difference is that most people buying the ticket will buy it to see him beat.

  • After the last fight, where Conor was respectful, now all this shittalking seems really fake to me

  • 3:26 Oh yes the voilance was delivered, Hope you witnessed it too :-)

  • Hey Goerdie you do the right thing in your latest vids.. Conor is done.. Dustin don't give a fuk all the nonsense trash talk from mcnuggets.. I used to be a fan of Conor post Khabib fight.. But he is so delusional and moron..

  • And still The Diamond Poirier..

  • turn the comments on bro, your last video was awesome, you said it well, loved it.

  • Mate! Love your honest, fair, and no BS assessments on these fights

  • I think brian needs to chill. He turnings into a conor mcgregor himself . I think only ex or current fighters can have these in depth opinions. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • 13:51 Wow, you actually called it Geordie

  • Your next video about the leg break. Fucking Poetry. Brilliant.

  • Yep I’m warming up to geordie I mean look I ain’t even calling him chubbz no more too

  • honeslty dustin was the better trash talker at this one im sorry but its true

  • I loved u on bt you got the proffesionals but you gave a fan's look which media can use

  • Lend your mic to espn. They need that desperately

  • Your breakdown and view were the most accurate on BT Sports. Never mind those comments from casual Conor fanboys. U've come to your senses.

  • Well done on bt anytime speak against conor you get hate he was only good at 145 and I won't say Eddie took a dive but he deffo was not same fighter conor this time round was out of order on lead up and after the fight dic riders need not reply as I won't engage in bullshit

  • Considering that comments are of on your last video. You read to deep into a sport you kind of know

  • You're brutally honest, sir. Nothing but respect for you.

  • True Geordie! Thank you for keeping it real. ✊🏽👏🏽

  • Conor: He looks Frail! * Breaks his ankle in the fight * Conor: He's gonna get out on a stretcher! * Proceeds to be brought out on a stretcher * Speaking things into existence took a whole different turn. I wonder if the Law of Attraction brigade will tell this secret too.

  • Delusional no comments on that vid true gordie what's up carnt take the flack hey what's that on your eye harf a pattay ha ever been in a real fight gordie imcompitance

  • Gordie, glad I found your channel. Great analysis. Subscribed!

  • Im glad ''your boy'' got fucked up again :)

  • I actually subscribed and then unsubscribed when I saw that you pulled a bitch move and disabled comments on your latest video, came here just to let you know. It's funny cuz you were trashing Conor hard yet you disable comments so no one can clap back.

  • Brian, you just gained a subscriber! Watched you way before, but after that post analysis(Mcgregor video) and pre analysis you put on BT:you gained my respect ✊🏽.

  • This guy deserves to be a garbage man and nothing else in all honesty

  • 14:00 “Connor doesn’t have a leg to stand on”

  • I'm a commentary channel and I turn off comments

  • Have become a big fan of your straight talk

  • you're literally a coward. every time you know you're going to get differing opinions you turn comments off. man up and let discussions be had or don't put it out. Used to like your videos but now I can't stand the fact that you hide behind the screen when you want to talk about something controversial.

  • Touch butt, the Eddie Alvarez jibe about him taking money from single moms made him speechless too

  • Just watched your fight reaction to Conor vs Dustin 3. And I get why comments not allowed on it. Because as you mentioned so much childish and nonsense getting thrown your way. For just being real. .but I just had to say. Out of all the post and reaction I've seen since the fight. Yours was spot on and full of facts and Truth. The best I've heard so far. Just wanted to say I appreciate the takes and appreciate even being a Conor fan as you mentioned you are. Having a honest and real break down. Was awesome to watch and listen to.. I've never been a conor fan. ever!!! I'm not a fan of the disrespect and BS hes talked and done from the beggining. Just not my type of person. But I can respect his results a few years back. But all the antics I disliked alot.. Now fighters like Dustin I support and route for. :) again just had to say good job and you have a new follower of your channel. Keep up the real talk and you will do good things. Godbless everyone and keep safe.

  • Unsubscribed until you turn comments on your new video, sell ahhttt

  • Hey Brian!

  • Brian this is for your new upload... This is why your called TRUE Geordie You speak facts mate!! Love you bro