Islam Makhachev: Khabib 'paid for everything' leading up to win | UFC on ESPN 26

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 17 Ιούλ 2021
Islam Makhachev spoke to MMA Junkie and other media post-fight at UFC on ESPN 26 after his fourth-round submission win over Thiago Moises in Las Vegas.

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  • You can tell he wants no parts of beneil darush lol

  • Beatifull voice 👈😇☝️🙏🏽

  • Islam did get taken down, but he regained top control faster than I could blink.

  • Yo I like this guy.

  • Respect ✊☝️

  • ma shaa very humble person

  • dont say conor's name in the same sentence as these guys

  • They tried so hard to turn Islam against Khabib, but Islam didn't bite and never will... These guys are family since age 10, stop comparing him to Khabib and asking these questions only because you know he's going to respond. Who wouldn't want to be like Khabib? Islam handled the media like a champ, and didn't even realize it... Islam, Khabib and Abubakar are coming next, just wait on it....

  • I really love this guy a lot. this is how a team should be.

  • Hoping for him to continue the legacy khabib left behind

  • Bring me a better way of life i will join you. but remember i bring you the truth. One Question, Where are you going ? when something contineus to happen for more than one generation, the new generaton consistet the norm and they start thinkink this is how its suppose to be, this is why Islam is teaching you, to question your faith, when you now that there is something wrong here, you feeling there is something wrong, you question it in order to find the answer that is correct, this is how people come on the right path So dont be afraid Islam has the answers. Maybe you think you know about Islam, from things that you heard or saw, but let me Tell you, if you want to learn about Islam you need to learn from Proven Books and Proven Scholars, other wise you can own wrong knowledge. Example did you know that there was many Prophets and that Muhammad (saw) ist the last Prophet and not the only one ? the Quran mention 25 Prophets, but we now there was much more and they all come with the same Message. May Allah guide you Inshallah ( Allah says come to me and i will run to you) i hope you understand. Quran 17:15 - Whoever is guided is only guided for [the benefit of] his soul. And whoever errs only errs against it. And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another. And never would We punish until We sent a messenger. More Information, Videos, Links about Islam on my Channel,(Playlists) If you want to learn wath Islam and to be a Muslim means , watch the 1 Video that i linked up (woman came to learn about Islam) it only takes 15 min. Maybe you like it so wath cloud stop you. This Life is a Test and it ends with your death so dont waste Time it is Limited. If you belive there is one Creator, but you have issues in your Life, pray for guidens and you will be guidet Inshallah. The Most reciting Quran surah, when Muslims pray is: Surah al Fatiah (English) translation. In the Name of Allah-the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful. All praise is for Allah-Lord of all worlds, the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, Master of the Day of Judgment. You ˹alone˺ we worship and You ˹alone˺ we ask for help. Guide us along the Straight Path, the Path of those You have blessed-not those You are displeased with, or those who are astray.,

  • Just an Answer from non Muslim, honestly are there any (single) fighter who is NOT Muslim and act like normal human being, let alone being decent and highly respectful ? Islam (religion of Islam) makes human good human.

    • Beneil Dariush a good Christian.

  • Wow 🤩 MashaAllah what a kind man is Khabib.

  • I am not Muslim in fact I am Irish but there is not better representation of true Islamic values in todays world than these Dagestan fighters , absolute gentlemen and stone killers - shame the man who pretends to be relevant from my country cant behave better .

  • Islam.. I cannot explain Khabibs pressure and smile’s :D

  • Takeaway from this interview - khabib is the most awesome selfless man ever born

  • What a great human being....i wish more people were like this.

  • I give him a little bit work 😂😂 Savage level 99999+ nice and bumble guy 👌👌

  • Islam is terror indeed, savage !

  • Wauw this guy is pure and so basic. I just love it. Be honest and caring to your opponent but also for others. This guy touched my heart.

  • 6:10 Where Khabib's generosity and "paid for everything" comment is mentioned

  • Search nelly Gonzalez if you are looking for the lady mentioned

  • This guy will be the Next Champ for sure

  • Even if im not a fan of khabib and his gang, i liked that when Islam was asked about if the comparison within khabib bothered him, he said that no, he wants to be like him. It makes sense, but tipically people use to say "i want to be me... ME.... ME!!!" but you will be you anyways, if your success is tied to having a big inspiration and is your friend, what's the problem of being compared? Is a praise not an offense.

  • Tony is done there is no point. He should fight Justin Gaethje, Beneil Dariush or Michael Chandler.

  • i really apreciate that he worked on his english, that's gonna help him a lot in his carriere

  • He is just to Fucking good!!! Would love to see Khabin againts Islam would be a tough fight!

  • How can you hate this guy like seriously

  • I think behind closed doors Khabib beat the fuckin shit out of him after this for getting taken down. 😂

  • Nobody wants Islam. Islam smesh all guy without try.

  • 'Cause Dana is a cheapo.

  • What a likable young man... and an absolute beast of a fighter. He'll be a great champion, like the truly great Khabib Nurmagomedov.

  • You can tell how much all these guys care about each other. His posture change at 06:40 when he gets talking deeper about Khabib. If you follow all these guys instagram you see just how close they are and how they help each other. They are probably the best team out there right now. Not just as a team but as a family. They all work together for the team.

  • 7:25 Not even the greatest of fighters can avoid that dreaded.....ACID REFLUXXXX!

  • Khabib and islam am proud of u all respect

  • He dominated and decimated the confidence of a lifelong jujitsu and wrestling pro. That's gotta hurt

  • Damn love this guy he talks relex. What he said about khabib damn thats friend

  • Love Khabib!!!such a good man and a good Muslim brother 👏

  • Wow English has improved so much!

  • God damn Khabib pays for his friends whole training camps👍👍👍

  • He won’t be known for his loud mouth, he’ll be known for his skills, same as Khabib. Khabib didn’t make it to the top playing the heel, he stayed humble and kept it real

  • Islam very humble man just like kahbib

  • 7:09 interviewer: nelly islam: laydee???? interviewer: actually she has a name islam: THIS NUMBA ONE BOOSHIT!!

  • It almost looked like he was bored in the ring. At the beginning when they first stared it looked like he wanted to take a nap lol

  • Main difference between Mak and Khabib is ground and pound. They are so similar the manner in which they pressure opponent and dominate take downs. But Khabib after take down would just pound you with forearms and fists. Pound a guys shoulder or chest until he could sneak in a pound to the face. Mak has to work on that.

  • these kind of people shoud be the role models of our young generation!!! not the greedy, egoistic all flair personalities we see praisec today. it has NOTHING to do with religion, the values are pure human intention.

  • Khabib really is a legend, a warrior tested and true. I'm all for Dagestan boys.

  • That whole team is gonna be champion

  • The reporter talking about his striking needs to improve must not be watching or doesn't know what he's looking at. His striking is good way better than Khabib. It just doesn't make sense to take risks.


  • Asking for an old man... Tony is not in his prime... but would like to see him against Chandler

  • Shut fight

  • Dagestanis in MMA would be like the Kenyans of long distance running in no time.

  • The two clones need to face. tony 2.0(Charles Oliviera) vs khabib 2.0(islam)

  • Forget that he fights like Khabib, what's even more awesome is that he behaves like Khabib. Killers with manners.

  • These guys are just different. The legacy lives on. Im rooting for you Islaam

  • Lol these guys strike coz they can't wrestle. Haha. Justin is all American wrestler but just loves to bang. Don't like to sniff crotch

  • This guy is an absolute monster. Everyone in the division is on notice. “I want to help RDA retire” - daaaaaammmmn

  • Yes,that sun glasses is not in khabib level. 😅

  • No Tony that shouldn't even be an option give chandler to Islam then give him a title fight simple

  • Beast🙏

  • He finally finished a nobody

  • Never was a Khabib fan, but man, if you don't support the guy and how humble and nice he is, then something is wrong with you. Watching videos like this just make it impossible to not absolutely respect the man. I really hope Islam continues to progress, and if Khabib comes back or doesn't come back, what a man he is. I'm sure his dad is looking down on him now and being extremely proud of the humble, happy, and generous son he raised. More impressive than the talent to me

  • One Like For Khabib❤️

  • Islam 'the retirement agent' makhachev

  • I want this guy to beat that chandler guy and send him back to bellator

  • So Khabib woke up from bed to greet the lady and fulfill her wish.

  • Good guy good fighter

  • I am inevitable - Islam Makhachev

  • Islam took english lessons. Respect!

  • He even paid for the razor system

  • God he’s a lion soft spoken and very humble

  • Alhamdulillah Congratulations For the victory of my Muslim Brothers In the past he could only speak Russian, now his English is very fluent 🤲☝️☝️☝️

  • Dude wait.. Jesus idea.. granted Islam wouldn’t do but still, would be so fucking awesome is if Islam can’t get an opponent cuz they shook, Islam should fight somebody with the same terrifying pace and wrestling 🤼‍♂️ and guys won’t fight him either. Like this post you think Islam Vs khazmat 170lbs, winner gets a title shot in their respective divisions. Islam wouldn’t like size difference but to be fair Islam wouldn’t have to cut much weight at all whereas khazmat has a hard time making 170, so weight difference goes to khazmat but energy and strength goes to Islam,. If I’m Dana I’m offering that. Yea Islam should fight 155 to get a title shot, but since it’s khazmat and they both are insanely dominant winner gets the title show Islam vs Charles or usman vs khazmat which I’m so fucking hyped for even tho Usman doesn’t actually believe he’s the best in the world, because if he was he’d take all comers, Usman been planting seeds about retiring which may come sooner than later since Colby is 100% winning.why? Usman doesn’t have the gas tank Colby possess . Colby w/ I immediate and smothering pressure will wear on Usman, and with usman being shredded with all muscle, all that muscle fills with blood, and kamaru won’t have strength to fight off Colby or to k.o him. If I Colby I’m countering usman, letting him land one so he can get close and just be a back pack for the remaining 4:30 seconds in the round which gasses Usman drags him into deep water and wins. But anyways lol Islam vs khazmat 170 fucking do it

  • Lol... People say you are like Khabib.. Ya I want to be like him Defeating media guys with words and defeating other fighters with strength

  • Congrats brother islam for the very incridible victory.. hope you gonna call out ferguson as your next opponent, smash him and send him to his retirement..

  • great fighting skills, loyalty over anything, respecting elders, man you guys are killing it.

  • Lets go islam! Continue the eagles legacy and carve out your own!

  • I really can't wait until he wins the belt. His english is getting better.

  • My 1st Hero still KHABIB.....

  • Who notice Islam is now champion in English than Khabib?😁

  • this guy will bury anyone in this division just like kabib did

  • I like how he complaines about his corner xD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Killin it

  • Hats off. Even though he is not fluent in English, the way he handled himself and the questions made for such an enjoyable press conference.

  • Islam”we have to respect old people”...Macgregor “smacks old man in a bar”

  • The future champ

  • any one else think these guys ROID up lol Humble is for certain but the signs are there

    • @La Sanguinaire lmao sure buddy

    • Then you are ignorant about mountain culture.

  • Thiago Moisés mostrou que esse russo Makhathev é mais promoção e mídia do que talento. Ele só tem uma arma, a pressão da luta agarrada. Quando Thiago em foi pra cima e tocou o queixo dele ele sentiu. Thiago errou ao recuar e ir pra grade, onde favorece o jogo do russo. Com Charles do Bronx será diferente, esse russo vai cair de bunda no chão e dar três tapinhas no segundo round, pode anotar.

  • Respect, respect and respect👏👏👏👏👏

  • That reply - Tony and we have history, business to settle. 5 - 6 times missed with Khabib. Let's finish this Wow. This should give chills to Tony 😂😂

  • “They gonna run”

  • Islam is one beautiful human being ., khahib is also one beautiful human being ?This type of Muslim is humble and nice ? As long as it’s not fake and he really means what he’s saying then I’m a big fan

  • Those guys are the real Muslims i respect them so much hatts off brothers

  • Islam:i like to be like Khabib,he got lots of money&stay humble. Add ons-Khabib pays everything😂

  • Another beast inshallah will become champion 2022🤲

  • His oponent did pretty well and had an amazing gameplan but Islam was just better at everything. It was an incredible one, had a blast watching them yesterday.

  • how the hell can anyone not like these guys how these guys are brought up and raised back home I wish all kids are brought up that way this world would be so much better we wouldn't have guys dressing in clothes tighter than their girlfriend clothing people wouldn't be so soft weakminded and easily offended they would be a lot more respectful and a lot more grateful the way they are brought up creates good character and real man and I'm not referring to their religion just to be clear . i wish Makhaachv nothing but the best he deserves it

  • Great Interview.

  • This guy is so unintentionally hillarious.