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The International Skating Union (ISU) is the international winter sport federation, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), administering ice skating sports throughout the world, namely Figure Skating, Ice Dance, Synchronized Skating, Speed Skating, and Short Track Speed Skating. For more detailed information please visit our website.


1:31In the Spotlight: Sjinkie Knegt (NED) | #ShortTrackSkating
In the Spotlight: Sjinkie Knegt (NED) | #ShortTrackSkatingπροβολές 329Πριν ημέρα
1:44In the Spotlight: Stijn \u0026 Hanne Desmet (BEL) | #ShortTrackSkating
1:24In the Spotlight: Ryan Pivirotto (USA) | #ShortTrackSkating
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1:00In the Spotlight: Kjeld Nuis (NED) | #SpeedSkating
In the Spotlight: Kjeld Nuis (NED) | #SpeedSkatingπροβολές 899Πριν 15 ημέρες
1:55In the Spotlight: Akash Aradhya | #ShortTrackSkating
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0:41How Ireen Wüst got #UpAgain following tragedy | The #UpAgain Show
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6:05The Movie | ISU World Team Trophy 2021| #WTTFigure
The Movie | ISU World Team Trophy 2021| #WTTFigureπροβολές 20KΠριν 22 ημέρες
0:52In the Spotlight: Artur Nogal (POL) | #SpeedSkating
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1:27In the Spotlight: Sofia Prosvirnova (RUS) | #ShortTrackSkating
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32:59The #UpAgain Show | Episode 2 | Ireen Wüst
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1:36The Bungee System | #KeepTraining
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1:52In the Spotlight: Liam O'Brien (IRL) | #ShortTrackSkating
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0:52In the Spotlight: Olga Fatkulina (RUS) | #SpeedSkating
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1:12In the Spotlight: Julie Letai (USA) | #ShortTrackSkating
12:28The Sharpening Process | #KeepTraining
The Sharpening Process | #KeepTrainingπροβολές 1,4KΠριν μήνα
1:00In the Spotlight: Brittany Bowe (USA) | #SpeedSkating
In the Spotlight: Brittany Bowe (USA) | #SpeedSkatingπροβολές 895Πριν μήνα


  • The lyric of the song is just beautiful but with this choreography, I don't have the words for describe

  • My favori is Yazuru Hanyu!

  • Yuzuru'nun müziği sert geliyor, kulağı alışık olmayanlar için biraz itici oysa hareketleri çok iyi. Müziği değiştirmeli

  • Eso es espectacular falitan palabras para decir lo maravilloso que es este artista del hielo

  • go Misha!

  • Imagine trying to perform"Yuri on ice"

  • Anna, alena, alexandra, kamila, elizaveta. What will be happen in the next season?

  • I never forget what she did to eunsoo how come she still skates like nothing happened

  • Welcome home, angel

  • She was gorgeous, I hope she will become again

  • This the first time, I watched Yuzu skate and felt like he wasn't enjoying himself. I feel like he's overthinking it... and pushing himself too hard. I want his career to have longevity while he seems driven to be the best, always. It's hard. I want him to catch his breath, he doesn't have to be the best all the time. He placed even though it was clearly an off day for him. Slow down, Yuzu. Chen had it this round but you'll have another chance at Beijing next year. Take heart and take care of yourself, always.

  • He is really a tough competitor

  • Love you . You are the best

  • Love her and this program so much !!

  • He is "speaking" to the world by his skating, which is an art work, like any opera or musical show in a theater. That is why people watching him performing with music and skating are really and truthfully moved. In his skating, no interpreter is necessary.

  • Why is he so beautiful?

  • It must be the pre-rotations that's fooling my eyes. Because everything that's meant to be a quad looks like a triple lol

  • I love Yuzuru❤️

  • Программа фантастика, но её костюм или платье не сочетаются с этой программой, не тот образ, как по мне.

  • I remember her from the whip my hair video

  • It's pretty obvious Yuzuru was having a difficult time with the silver medal. IMO, he should learn to appreciate the sport a little more rather than always being so obsessed with trying to beat a rival(or being the first guy to do a 4A). I don't think it's very healthy for his mentality. He should take a page from Nathan and learn to relax just a little bit. Might actually help him perform better. His comment about being disappointed with his it just me or did Nathan seem a bit uncomfortable as the camera was panning past him? It was kind of an awkward moment. I'm also trying to not think badly of him in regards to the comment about how you can only be a true champion when you've been on top of the podium at the Olympics. Knowing how much Nathan struggled at the last Olympics, it was probably an insensitive thing to say. Maybe it wasn't his intention to slight anyone but, right before that statement, he did mention that he's already won the Olympic gold twice. That was probably a little awkward for Nathan too. If Yuzuru truly believes a gold at the Olympics to be the pinnicle, why is he so upset about the silver here at Worlds then? He should be happy with his two Olympic gold medals and just enjoy the moment. But, OMG, I love how positive he was and how happy he was about being up there with "FREAKEN' Nathan Chen and Yuzuru Hanyu", lol. He's so adorable! And Nathan's comment about how fortunate it was that the Pooh Bears were on one side of rink was rather funny. So proud of our American guys ^^

  • excelente!!! idolo!!! y la gente se pone loca,,ya que el despierta esa energia y alegria en la gente!!

  • Whoa...Nathan is so calm, charismatic, and handsome. Jason is happy and just cute as a button! Yuzuru looks so young and innocent, lol.

  • ❤❤❤❤❤ внликолепное катание!! Какой талант!! Один его взгляд, одно его движение руки, один его прыжок, одно его вращение, его скольжение!! Как он слушает музыку и как он передает эту музыку своим блестящим катанием!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Yo viendo este vídeo: Primeros 4:30 min: WoW que arte, elegancia, disciplina, estilo, profesionalismo. 4:34: WoW que final!!!!! 4:43- 5:10 🥺🥺🥺 👏🏻 7:26- 7:40 awwwwwww 7:55: Awwww 🥰😍🥰😍💕 que tan cute!

  • Натан, мужик, сказав відрізав

  • 💜👑💜

  • pj hallam is so wholesome, he always smiles no matter what

  • Yuzuru Hanyu the legend 👑👑👑

  • Анна просто восхитительна на льду! Она отдаёт всю себя. А Елизавета мне кажется немного ленивой на льду.

  • I bet if Chen made that same amazing mistake the judges would have given him points 😒

  • 我相信北京冬奥会羽生结弦能获得属于他自己的荣誉及对这项运动所推广的体育精神,望每个小伙伴不被规则打倒,能改变规则的是自己不停的打磨抛光自己从而达到更高水平及品质(这是我看到他身上的亮点,不管是身心健康及各个方面因素影响,他依然还是保持着前三的成绩,这是与其他同龄层的运动选手来说是遥不可及,但是不去试怎么知道自己不行, 这样的运动选手背后所付出的努力很大,其知识领域具有丰富实践运用在花滑技术上和身体结构方面(在平昌冬奥会他就做到了),若专业人士认为,这样的运动选手要被打压,我觉得道可不必。体育精神本身就是创造无限可能。(所以才会有无数羽神粉丝向他奔赴)

  • Gabriel did a Great skate!!💙🏆 i thought she could win a medal 🏅

  • 1:10:15 Commentator overwhelmed, not used to and not able to keep track of counting the next level anymore..

  • Perfection on ice. Thank you for this phenomenal show.

  • Over the years he became so graceful and magnificent. Yuzuru is literally flying gracefully like a beautiful bird that opens her wings high to the sky 🕊🤍❤

  • Eternal 💖

  • I have a bad ankle and I swear it hurts just watching him...

  • Aleona was behind with her music. But she played it off in the end so the judges don't notice.

  • The catcher comment from the commentator is "He is the Top Class Human Being",, even though in this world champion he is not on the first rank, but for me, they are not the real winner in this games and everybody knows that 'He is the real king on the Ice skating figure' and in my opinion, nobody really beats Yuzuru on the Ice skating even though they got the first rank. ^^

  • Алинка осталась непревзойденной!)

  • Watching this guy skate is like a religious experience...

  • Чен как всегда, прекрасен. Но по-моему, он минимум на 3 прыжках сэкономил, упростил, по сравнению с мировым чемпионатом. Видимо, и так выигрывал, решил не рисковать.

  • I like this commentator tho, he's so fun to listen me thinks

  • Watching this video for the X times (i lost count) My fav performance right now besides hana wa saku (on gala) an blinding lights

  • 🇯🇵😭✨💯✔️⚡🙏🙏🙏💜💙💚💛🧡👌

  • это называется гармония.

  • Estreia dos portugueses João Eduardo e João Rafael e luiz dimas

  • Chen is a God on ice...and Hanyo is two favorites

  • Yuzuru Hanyu, Beautiful hoy hace balance love

  • Curious what did Raf say to Nathan at the end in Russian (assumably)? Anyone care to share?

  • I find it ridiculous that the commentator did not mention her back injury... But happy she changed her free skate from the world's, this one fits her better.

  • I'm an atheist who believes in a god. My god is called Yuzuru Hanyu.

  • He is beauty He is grace He will shove his talent in your face 👌

  • 私もあの技術で、あの表現で、あのスタイルで、フィギュアというものを羽生結弦選手と夢でもいいからやってみたい❤❤❤💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞星の王子さまに、一時のシンデレラになってみたい、ついでに年齢も関係なくして😂😂😂💞💞💞💞😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Дудаков: что так долго? Саша: считаают... Милота)

  • Well, I deeply admire these too. They are incredibly good and sychronized. But still I feel like something is missing in their performances - something that touches you emotionaly. I can't "feel" them as same as I feel P/C (or as I felt V/M). Don't misunderstand me - I hold great admiration for this sport, for or athletes - especially these two, and try to be as objective as possible, but still I terribly missed P/C this year. Although everything Is possible and maybe next year I'll become a fan of these two either.

  • Все сделано идеально. Но желания пересмотреть почему-то нет. Понять не могу что не так.

  • 🦸🦸🦸🦸🏽‍♀️🦸🦸🦸🦸........pls continue 🤗 So fun, so beautiful, so entertaining, so heavenly... I will watch this again in the future. I couldn't see anything bad, as Nathan Chen implied 4:04:52...hope no one's falls were ☹️😢😩

  • Yes... ISU can do whatever they want to underscore him but Yuzura is still the world fave anyway. I feel like he is so special, the way he has both of Talents and Beauty just made it more special. He is like 6 ft tall but actually he isn't... Becuase of his beautiful lean body and tiny face. He is super Elegant like... Unreal. Super model of Figure skate.. Yess.

  • This is the most captivating performance I've ever watched!

  • The name of the program "hope and legacy" truly fits the story of his event experience! 😭👏🌸

  • seeing him makes me so happy :(

  • Украина с вами!

  • So I am here simping for a 25 years old man and I love every single moment of that

  • So 4 times in a row Skate America Champion !! Just WOW ! It was third 🥇

  • Юзуру не катается,он плывет по льду!

  • Open the comments section just to find yuzuru's performance time. If you do, you're a fan 🤣🤣

  • Nobody competes yuzu but yuma is like a younger version of him

  • Рика выиграла эту короткую программу. Жаль засудили. Грибы ТШТ уже и на мир начали распространяться.

  • Натан, ти найкращий❤

  • He is at the top level of his career. He find himself. He maximize his artistry and technical level. And even though big mistake at short, He and we are sure that He can take the title with free. I am sad for him because this must have been his 4th world title. He could definitely win last year too

  • Đẹp 😍

  • ❤ love

  • Love ❤

  • 😍🥰🎉

  • Ok

  • I can never get bored of watching her

  • i love all of yuzuru’s costumes, the performances like just everything is beautiful

  • Group 4 Seoyeong Wi🇰🇷 2:59:41 Alysa Liu🇺🇸🥉 3:07:07 Maiia Khromykh🇷🇺 3:14:04 Haein Lee🇰🇷 3:21:17 Kamila Valieva🇷🇺🥇 3:28:34 Daria Usacheva🇷🇺 🥈3:36:18